Episode 23- Suicide Squad Skwadcast

Dan, Josh and Danny B are a dangerous and unstable trio of misfits who have been forced to record this podcast against their will by a shadowy government organisation… Not really, but we DO have conflicting views of this latest offering from the DCEU. We also discuss Marvel, DC and … Continue Reading

Episode 21- Finding Dory, The BFG & Ghostbusters

Did someone say… Special BONUS episode??!? With so many new theatrical releases, we’ve decided to record this bonus podcast to catch up and feed some of our non-superheroic fandoms. Join Dan and Violet (newcomer, animator, illustrator and Disney uber-nerd) as we review Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory and recap our thoughts … Continue Reading

Episode 19- Star Trek Abramsverse Retrospective

Captain’s log Star-date 220716 Dan, Josh and Danny B are back to talk Trek, specifically the 2009 not-quite-a-reboot Star Trek and its sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. Dan and Danny B think they’re enjoyable but reverent action blockbusters. Josh thinks otherwise! We also rave about Frank Miller’s other 1986 classic … Continue Reading