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Games of Steel: Superman’s 38 Year Videogame History

Move aside Mario and Sod off Sonic, because the world’s longest-running superhero is also the world’s longest-running video game character.

No kidding!

Guinness World Records recently granted the honorary to the Man of Steel following an astonishing 38 year history in video games spanning from the Atari 2600s modest SupermanContinue Reading

My Life In Videogames: Part 2 – Dan

Ah, videogames!

Truly the quintessential art form / entertainment medium of my generation. Thirtysomethings like myself are privileged to have witnessed the medium grow from basement industry to multi billion dollar institution.  While the bells and whistles of presentation may have in many cases been given precedent over gameplay and … Continue Reading

Video Game Review: Grim Fandango Remastered (2015) – Very Positive

The recent flood of “HD” remakes, remasters and reboots in the video games industry is something of a divisive subject amongst fans. From the way I’ve sarcastically added quotes around “HD”, you can probably infer my thoughts on the subject.

It’s not that I’m against them per se, it’s more … Continue Reading