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Film Review: Moana (2016)- Overwhelmingly Positive

Audiences are becoming increasingly insistent that diversity is no longer a novelty, but a necessity.

Cast your eye over the mouse house’s output over the past quarter of a century and you’ll see a gradual but inexorable shift. The Eurocentric aesthetics and cultural influences of the likes of Snow White Continue Reading

Episode 21- Finding Dory, The BFG & Ghostbusters

Did someone say… Special BONUS episode??!? With so many new theatrical releases, we’ve decided to record this bonus podcast to catch up and feed some of our non-superheroic fandoms. Join Dan and Violet (newcomer, animator, illustrator and Disney uber-nerd) as we review Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory and recap our thoughts … Continue Reading

Captain America : Civil War Concept Art Reveals the Opposing Teams

Those of us who were unsure who would be on which side in Marvel Studios’ upcoming superhero smack-down will have been enlightened today after Hawkeye himself, Jeremy Renner tweeted this concept art earlier today…

Continue Reading

Struzan’s The Force Awakens Poster Analysis, Rogue One Cast Assembled & More from D23

When Disney and Marvel announced that they¬†would not have a presence at San Diego Comicon this summer, some were left scratching their heads. ¬†Many argued that the entertainment titan simply hadn’t enough content to present to justify a presence, while some brash DC fans ventured that the studio were … Continue Reading