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More Arkham Nights

EDITORIAL NOTE- The following retrospective contains spoilers for Batman: Arkham Knight and the preceding ‘Arkham’ games.

When it comes to PC Gamers it seems that Warner Bros. games’ matra is “Meh, fuck ’em!”. ┬áDespite being a huge critical and commercial success on the console scene, the PC port of Batman: Continue Reading

Episode 28- Holy Bat-Chat!

Dan, Josh and Danny B have all bought their tickets for a whistle-stop tour of Gotham City through the years. We’ll be rating the various big screen Bat-Men from Adam West right through to Ben Affleck and discussing their performances, costumes, supporting characters and the worlds they inhabit. We also … Continue Reading

Threads of Justice: Batman’s Top 7 Comic Book Costumes

Another year another reboot, eh?

As someone who never completely warmed to DC’s New 52 back in 2011 (as an aging crank anything that attempts to make things I enjoy younger and trendier gives me the hives), I’m quietly optimistic about the comic titan’s upcoming “Rebirth”.

For the unaware Rebirth … Continue Reading