Look Everyone, I’m Blogging!

Well, you voted for it… And by you I’m assuming you’re one of the 70% of Twitter respondents who thought that it might be a good idea. I’m blogging.

This is a blog in the early ’00s sense in that it is intended solely as a platform for my nonsensical views and ramblings mostly (but not necessarily exclusively) on geeky matter.

With that in mind I thought this might be a good forum for me to peel my bell (matron!) on some housekeeping issues that are currently prevalent over here at Nerdifi HQ…

Why am I blogging?


Excellent question. The motivation behind opening up the Nerdifi site for personal blogging (as opposed to, say, setting up a separate WordPress blog) is threefold;

  • Like most professional writers, I find that writer’s block can be an absolute motherfucker. Getting off the starting block in the morning is one of the greatest challenges I face, especially when the black dog wakes me up. Just writing free flow without needing to consider structure, SEO optimisation (or even if what you’re writing is very good) can be very liberating and get the creative juices flowing.
  • Anything that gets me posting new content on Nerdifi can only be a good thing. Seriously, you’ve no idea how close I came to shutting this whole thing down a few weeks ago. Instead, I’m trying to double down and post what I can where I can.
  • Wearing my marketing hat, blogging is a good way to lend your online presence a personal voice and a sense of character. In a digital landscape already over populated with geeky sites and social media feeds this can only be a good thing.

First, Our Justice League Pod


Our Justice League podcast has been recorded. I just need to edit it and will hopefully upload it tonight. I would have liked to have it uploaded last night in time for our number one fan (you know who you are) to listen to after having seen it. Unfortunately, that didn’t transpire. I worked solidly for 11 and a half hours yesterday on my various paid writing commitments, after which I would rather have rubbed powdered glass onto my glans than to spend another 2 hours in front of a computer. But… Tonight. Yeah. Definitely!



Would you like us to post content on YouTube? Josh has some ideas for stuff he’d like to do that can only be done on the YouTube platform. I have some ideas of my own, but I’d need to get past my complete lack of technical proficiency to do it.



I made a decision a while back that I didn’t want to advertise on the site, but I’m not above begging!

A few people have suggested that we open ourselves a Patreon account but I wouldn’t expect something for nothing from our listeners / readers / acquaintances.

Would you consider contributing to the site via Patreon? If so, what sort of incentives would you like to see? Honestly, I haven’t got a Scooby Doo about that stuff.

Justice and Punishment


After posting a glowingly positive review of Justice League, I was hugely disheartened to see some of the vitriol that it has garnered among fans. Seriously, that really got me down.

Conversely, I’m finding the much more dour and grimdark Punisher highly enjoyable and it seems to be generally very well received. I suspect we’ll be talking about it in our next show although it would be sacrilege to do so without the input of Danny B.

If only there were some way to communicate over long distances via some sort of digital communications application.

Don’t be a stranger


Get in touch with us! Especially about the Patreon / Youtube thing. By all means drop us a comment below, get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook or even drop me an email at dan@nerdifi.com.

Oh, and subscribe to updates on the site, because I likely won’t be pimping these blog posts on Twitter and Facebook as much as I will ‘proper’ articles.

One thought on “Look Everyone, I’m Blogging!”

  1. Welcome to world of boundless blogging, we try to do a mix of Nerdy things and random utterings from my mind! I think YouTube content is a great idea, if for no other reason that your fans like to see what you look like. We’ve not had much traction on YouTube but it’s fun to do something different now and again. Patreon is a good idea, it either gives you something or it doesn’t. You might be surprised by the response you get so personally I don’t think it will hurt to give it a go. In terms of incentives, other sites/podcasts offer things like shoutouts on the show, guest spots to appear, merch, maybe even the offer to create some content for your site/podcast. It can literally be anything, if people want it they will soon contribute.
    This is just my initial thoughts and I’m sure other people will have many more! Keep up the great work! We love you guys!

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