The Nerdifi Podcast - Feed Your Fandom!

Ep. 55- Star Blade of Justice


Well what do you know? We’re gone for a few weeks and all Hell breaks loose! The fandom feeders are up and running in the brand new Nerdifi HQ and we’re talking all about our Wish List for November’s Justice League and a whole lot more.

We’re reacting to the recent trailers for Black Panther, New Mutants, Stranger Things 2 and Star Wars: The Last Jedi in This Week In Geek before Dan and Josh get into some spoiler free chat about Blade Runner 2049.


0:00- Intro

9:57- This Week In Geek / Black Panther trailer discussion

17:52- New Mutants trailer discussion

25:00 Stranger Things 2 trailer discussion

30:12- The Last Jedi trailer discussion

50:51: Blade Runner 2049 Spoiler Free chat

59:19- Justice League Listener Feedback & Wish List

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