Superman Fans: Have Faith In The DCEU

Trust me, it’s a great time to be a Superman fan!

As of last year, DC’s ill-advised attempts to make Superman younger and cooler with the New 52 have been consigned to the long box of history and the version of the character we’ve known and loved since 1986 (give or take a few deviations) is back on the page.

While Superman appears to be getting his due on the comic book page (apart from the still-absent red trunks- sorry fans but we can’t have everything), there’s an increasing sense of disgruntlement among fans of the character’s cinematic adventures.

I totally get why fans of the DCEU are less than thrilled right now. The combination of seeing Superman suffer the slings and arrows of a world that doesn’t appreciate him in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, his subsequent death and his omission from virtually all of the promotional material for November’s Justice League. But trust me folks, it’s all good. Here’s why!

Henry Cavill IS Superman

It’s easy to take Henry Cavill for granted. His unassuming charm and understated approach to the character rarely grab headlines compared to, say, Ben Affleck but it’s hard to imagine an actor who embodies the role so completely. He loves the character and anyone who doubts his commitment to the role should see how hard he worked to get just the right kind of Supermanly physique for Man of Steel. The role couldn’t be in safer hands and neither Cavill nor Superman are going anywhere soon.

Superman’s Death Was Important

A certain contingent of fans were outraged by The Man of Steel’s death in BvS claiming that the Death of Superman comic book story was ‘wasted’ on the film. The simple truth is… The death of Superman really isn’t that great a story. It was a phenomenal marketing exercise but it did less in seven issues than “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice And the American Way” did in one.

Superman’s death in the DCEU fulfills a similar function to its comic book counterpart. It showed the world (the world of the DCEU and the real world) just how much it was taking Superman for granted, and however you feel about the death’s inclusion in the film, you can’t argue that it was shot with heart-wrenching gravity.

Suicide Squad and, to a lesser extent Wonder Woman showed us a world without Superman and you’d better believe that his return will be met with some huge fanfare both in our world and the world of the films. Which brings us to…

Superman Will Play A Huge Part In Justice League

Just because Superman has (quite deliberately) been left out of the lion’s share of the Justice League promotion doesn’t mean that the character will be treated as a footnote in the film. When Heroic Hollywood shared an article listing their Top 5 DCEU Superman moments, DCEU Godfather Geoff Johns had this to say…

While the sneak peak we were afforded at SDCC showed us that Superman’s presence will be felt throughout the film, some fans are concerned that the character will get short changed in terms of screen time. While personally, I’ll take quality over quantity any day, Cavill’s extensive involvement in re-shoots with Joss Whedon indicates that Superman will have more screen time than many fans may expect.

Don’t believe me? Take it from someone far wiser and more attractive, Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot (21:01)…

We Will Get A Man Of Steel Sequel

Several new DCEU films were (sort of) announced at this year’s Comicon and the Man of Steel solo sequel was notable by it’s absence. Is this cause for fans to get upset? Absolutely not.

Warner Bros. announced their intentions to bring us a solo Superman sequel years ago and since Superman is one of WB’s most profitable franchises and they have a bankable (and relatively affordable) star in Cavill, you can bet they’ll want to capitalise on it going forward. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him pop up in Shazam!

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