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Podcast Episode 52- Nerdibate: Luke Skywalker VS Neo

They’re two icons of modern cinema and titans of science fiction. In today’s podcast Dan and Josh are here to Nerdibate to decide once and for all who is better under the watchful eye of Judge Danny B. We’ll be debating the heroes themselves, the villains they face and the worlds they inhabit to determine who is REALLY The One.

We’ve also got trailers for Batman VS Two Face and The Defenders as well as Captain Marvel News in This Week IN Geek.

Finally, we talk about our Graphic Novel of the Week… “Books of Doom”.


0:00- Intro
11:58- this Week IN Geek
25:20- Nerdibate Intro & Listener feedback
31:41- Opening Statements
37:43- Round 1- Heroes
1:00:35- Round 2- Villains
1:16:15- Round 3- World Building
1:26:41- Verdict
1:28:58- Graphic Novel Of The Week

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