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Podcast Episode 51 Justice Thor All

San Diego Comic Con is here and with it comes a whole host of exciting info and trailers. In this week’s podcast we’re applying our usual level of Nerdy Scrutiny to the trailers for Justice League, Thor: Ragnarok, Star Trek: Discovery, Defenders, Stranger Things and Inhumans as well as discussing news for Captain Marvel, the Flashpoint movie and more. But first, join us as we discuss the new Doctor, the reveal of The Black Order and where James Cameron COULD take the Terminator franchise in This Week In Geek…


0:00- Intro

10:16- This Week In Geek

29:11 Ant-Man and Wasp

34:26 Flashpoint

43:19 Stranger Things

47:25 Inhumans

55:40 Captain Marvel

1:00:25 Defenders

1:06:20 Star Trek: Discovery

1:16:40- Thor: Ragnarok

1:27:12- Justice League

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