Green Eyed Monsters: The Captain Marvel Skrulls Wishlist

I never thought this day would come. One of the oldest and most iconic antagonists of the Marvel Universe is actually coming to the big screen. I’m talking of course about everyone’s favourite shape-shifting little green men… The Skrulls! I’ve already written my Captain Marvel Wish List but I’m such a fan of these characters I thought they deserved one of their own.

First appearing way back in Fantastic Four #2 when they tried, in good old Body Snatchers-style to replace the four. Unsure what to do with them (as they would surely escape a conventional prison), Reed decides to hypnotise them into thinking that they are, in fact, bovine and leaves them on a farm.


However the rest is history!

Later they would make leaps in genetics that allowed them to create super-powered soldiers of their own, including Kl’rt The Super-Skrull, Paibok The Power Skrull and Lyja The Lazerfist among many others. They’re best known for being heavily featured in the classic Avengers storyline of the ’70s The Kree-Skrull War.

“But Danny B”, I hear you ask “Aren’t their movie rights tied up with The Fantastic Four over at 20th Century Fox?” Well yes and no. Much like The Watchers (who were featured in GOTG Vol. 2) The race itself is co-owned, however specific characters are still owned by Fox (without a doubt the above three Skrulls I have already named) and few others, possibly Emperor Dorrek VII, Morrat, Annelle etc.

With that in mind this list I have compiled contains, to the best of my knowledge, characters that Marvel Studios should be able to use but since the Marvel Universe is all about cross-pollination this is mostly educated guess work by myself.

I’ve also focused on the antagonistic Skrulls as opposed to the peace loving or good-natured of their kind  such as Xavin of The Runaways, Young Avenger Hulkling. There are even Skrulls that took on the personality and traits of the John Lennon & Martin Luthor King.

Even the general that visited the original Captain Marvel on his death-bed to give him the Skrull medal of honour for always being an implacable foe, wasn’t all bad.

Carol Danvers will certainly have her hands full with their shape-shifting, advanced technology and super powers to boot. Without further ado let’s look at some weird chins!


He had a fairly large role in The Kree-Skrull War event as the leader of the Skrull armada until The Vision practically crippled him in order to stop the ongoing invasion and save The Scarlet Witch. With Carol’s experience in the Air Force and The NASA Space Program, it would be great if we to see a dog fight in space ala Star Wars and who better to be the opposition than Kalxor?  She could be flying a ship of her own or under her own power, I don’t care, but I think it would make for a wonderful cosmic set piece also show off why Carol is the best at what she does… flying.


Skragg was hired by Thanos to decipher how Rick Jones was able to control and use The Destiny Force. Since Mar-Vell (The Original Captain Marvel) was bonded with Rick at the time, this was a two for one as Thanos and his lackey were concerned.

Initially, he killed Rick’s friend then attempted to drive them both mad by appearing as a multitude of old foes. When that failed, he managed to cancel out the sound waves in the area resulting in Captain Marvel fighting The Thing mistaking him for Skragg who hoped they would kill each in the process.

It’s safe to say they didn’t, and no one fails Thanos more than once.

I really like the idea of an interrogator that uses unique forms of torture and mind games to get what they want. Skragg could be both the good and bad cop giving Carol false hope by changing his appearance into that of a friend or making it look like they’ve betrayed Carol.

This would also be a great opportunity to showcase Carol’s inner strength much like when she was tortured by The Brood in the comics.

Rm’Twr & Rl’Nnd

Years prior to the Secret Invasion story line Rm’Twr managed to obtain Carol’s genetic material and transport it to The Skrull Empire, but died in the process at Carol’s hand.

During Secret Invasion his son Rl’Nnd came to avenge the death of his father with the combined powers of several X-Men including Colossus and Nightcrawler.

Ok, so we are definitely not going to X-Men powered Skrulls any time soon, but what if dear old daddy sends her genetic material to his son directly, and he grafts Carol’s powers to himself.

Kevin Feige said that Carol is the most powerful character in the MCU so we need someone who can at least hold their own against her and this might be the best way to accomplish this.

By the way, if you want to read about these guys and watch Carol defend all of New York from the majority of The Skrull Invasion force on her own, check out Ms. Marvel: Secret Invasion. Actually check the entire of Brian Reed’s run.


During Civil War, Khn’nr was believed to be a time lost Captain Mar-Vell before he died of Cancer.

However in true Terminator: Salvation style it turns out he was a sleeper agent for The Skrull Empire. But his indoctrination worked a little too well. When it was revealed that he was a Skrull, he turned his on his handlers and tried to halt the invasion, sacrificing himself in the process.

While I’m still hoping we get Mar-Vell in some form in this movie, I also hope we get him sacrificing himself for Carol. Wouldn’t it be heartbreaking to have a devious, manipulative Skrull pretend to be the man she cared and was inspired by?

This character might be better for a sequel; Carol’s own Winter Soldier-style storyline, in which Khn’nr believes he is Mar-Vell, and convinces Carol but sacrifices himself, having Carol hurt even more as she’s loses Mar-Vell twice.


A power mad Skrull who fancied himself the new ruler after the loss of the Skrull home world. He plunged the empire into chaos, having come into possession of a Hypewave Bomb that would lock all Skrulls genetic code, making them unable to change shape. They would be stuck their current form seemingly forever, helping him to dispose of his enemies.

Zabyk thought himself safe inside his insulated armour, but he thought wrong. Having to distort his body to get in, he was now trapped. It may be little too early in the MCU to give The Skrulls such a large handicap. But a power-mad one in an exo-suit? Now that’s something I’d like to see…


Talos is a member of the royal family, however he is also a genetic throwback born without the ability to change his appearance. The royal family were ashamed of this and Talos became the black sheep.

As he rose in the military as an honourable warrior, he began to see his weakness as a strength as he didn’t need to hide behind disguise. He further enhanced himself with cybernetic implants. However, when he was captured by The Kree he couldn’t bring himself to commit suicide, as is tradition in Skrullian warfare.

He decided that if he was to die, it must in battle with a worthy opponent. He chose The Hulk, who felt for his fellow green giant and feigned cowardice so that Talos could live. This would be an interesting slant for the leader of The Skrulls, perhaps trying prove himself worthy of the love of his family and people or just wanting an end to his torment and a chance to die on his feet.


Sn’tlo features heavily in possibly my favourite Skrull story line. A rather flamboyant member of their race; Sn’tlo infiltrates Hydra and rises to become its leader The Supreme Hydra. Not happy with that adjective he prefers to go by “The Sensational Hydra” . He soon lures Captain America into a trap, and replaces him.

He holds a press conference as Cap and ‘reveals’ that one in 20 people in America is a Skrull spy and that if they suspect anyone at all they should kill them on sight. This (naturally) induces mass panic, unchecked paranoia, mass riots and bigotry on an unprecedented scale, furthering the Skrulls’ plan to plunge the earth into chaos, making it that much easier to conquer.

A clear allegory for the ‘Red Scare’ of the ’50s with a bit of The Thing thrown in for good measure, this is the Skrulls at their very best.

In today’s political climate, that thrives on ‘divide and conquer’ tactics, this story is probably even more relevant. This is where the ’90s setting could work well. How about having old politicians and celebrities of that era turn out to be Skrulls. It might explain some of their odd behaviour during that period, retroactive satire if you will.
And they already have David Hasselhoff’s phone number!

Boss Barker

This one’s definitely a long shot, as this character is most likely in the rights kerfuffle with Fox but even if they had the rights I doubt they’d have the balls to use him!

In the 1930s,  a known gangster named Machine Gun Martin escaped prison only to be captured again By Skrull Slavers from Kral IV.

However, they soon become fascinated by Martin’s stories along with movies of Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney they brought back. After a while the inhabitants of Kral IV modeled their entire planet around Prohibition Era America and were rarely seen in their original forms. They still used their high tech weaponry but cosmetically it looked like the earth of old.

Boss Barker became The Don of Kral IV and even had the The Thing as his pet slave. It’s a wacky story that only Stan and Jack could come up with. It’s clearly bit kooky but it would be fun to see on the big screen.

It goes to show that if humans adore The Godfather (1972) why wouldn’t aliens? How many time capsules have we sent into space with works of art and evidence of humanity hoping that an alien race would contact us?

Who’s to say someone wouldn’t include supposedly the greatest film ever made (The Godfather) or if you wanted to modernise it just enough, how about the 1983 Al Pacino version of Scarface?

Who doesn’t want to see a gang war on an intergalactic scale!

Criti Noll & Pagon

Like I said earlier it’s fascinating when Skrulls are undercover in an organisation and control a lot of political power or influence i.e. The White House, Hydra etc.

But what if they were in fact the heroes themselves or their supporting cast? It would throw everything we know about the MCU into disarray. When were they replaced… The 90’s perhaps?

The fact that almost no one has died in the MCU opens up this possibility as Skrulls reveal their true form after death. During Secret Invasion Criti Noll (and her clone) replaced Hank Pym and Pagon replaced Elektra. I’d like to see some use of gender fluidity in the MCU Skrulls.

Though the empire initially thought Hank an unimportant hero to replace, Criti Noll actually turned that to her advantage managing to remain under the radar and create weaponry and control deployment of heroes from The Intiative, effectively crippling Earth’s superhuman defences.

Criti Noll was the most effective Skrull agent of the invasion. She even impregnated Tigra… Yikes! Paigon was the first to be revealed; the lover of Queen Veranke and a religious fanatic (like most Skrulls).  She ordered his death and he accepted this in order to reveal to the the heroes for the first time that the world had been infiltrated, and that the Skrulls could get as high as the leader of The Hand.

This sowed the seeds of mistrust in the superhero community more than a Civil War ever could.

In the MCU Hank Pym would’ve been at a ripe age to be replaced in the 90’s… Or perhaps even… Trevor Slattery!!

Queen Veranke

There have been a lot of strong female Skrull leaders like R’Klll & S’byll but I’ve opted for Queen Veranke who was arguably the most successful. The person she impersonated just so happens to Carol’s best friend Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman.  Since Jessica is a spy, she is ideal to be replaced. Whatever form she takes in the MCU, I’d like her friendship with Carol Danvers to be acknowledged.

Veranke is no slouch in combat or strategy. She is the leader of the Skrull people after all. During the  Secret Invasion she even outsmarted Tony Stark, and turned all his tech against him.

I think Carol in particular would find it very difficult to fight someone with the face of her best friend. Plus Marvel needs more female villains, especially if we are getting more solo female led-superhero movies.

Well I hope you’re positively green at the gills by now (I know I am). Until next time, True Believers!

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