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Episode 50- Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

He does whatever a spider can, and he’s coming home to the MCU. Dan, Josh and Danny B are back to talk about this coming of age story for Marvel’s flagship wall crawler.

We’ll be reviewing the film but don’t worry, we’ll give you fair warning when we enter spoilery realms.

We also discuss casting announcements for Marvel’s New Warriors, Matt Reeves’ recent thoughts on The Batman, Lucy Liu taking the helm of Luke Cage’s season 2 pilot and the announcement of the animated Batman: Gotham by Gaslight in This Week in Geek.

We wrap up with our Graphic Novel of the Week; Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s beautiful “Spider-Man: Blue”.


0:00- Intro

8:05- This Week in Geek

23:37- Spider-Man: Homecoming Review SPOILER FREE

29:10- Spider-Man: Homecoming Review SPOILERS

1:41:29- Listener Feedback

1:44:42- Graphic Novel of the Week

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