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The Flash

Some shots from the set of season 3 of The Flash popped up on Twitter of Wally West filming scenes wearing the costume which normally would be worn by Barry.

As theorized/speculated  it looks like with Barry’s self exile into the speed force has led to Wally stepping out of the Kid Flash shoes and into the boots of The Flash. As I said last week I hope this is a story arc that will last for more than a couple of episodes. There would be nothing worse than to bring Barry back out the speed force in one of the first couple of episodes thus rendering the entire emotional through-line of last season completely POINTLESS!

After a decade of writing for DC Comics, Sterling Gates is joining the writing staff of The Flash TV show. Here’s looking forward to some exciting and great story telling on the show in the up and coming season with The Flash being one of the many characters Sterling had  done (ahem) sterling work writing in the comics.


Love them or hate them, flashbacks have been a mainstay on Arrow from the very first episode, up until the final episode of season 5 serving as a lengthy back story for Oliver Queen.

After 5 seasons the flashbacks have finally caught up with the current timeline. I’m aware that many people found the flashbacks annoying; pointless distractions that would take them out of the show and the present day story that they were more invested in.

I can understand this point of view especially if, lets say Felicity is your favourite character (I know you’re out there). To have a scene in which her life maybe for whatever reason hanging in the balance and we suddenly cut to an unrelated flashback can be jarring and deflate the dramatic tension.

Though I can understand this point of view, I don’t actually share it. Sure, it may help that Oliver’s my favourite character and I can’t get enough of him, but the flashbacks were actually handled in a clever way. Using the flashbacks as a way of telling not only Oliver’s backstory but that of Thea and many of the villains was a stoke of genius. It added a great deal of depth to the show and its characters.

Green Arrow himself Stephen Amell’s speech at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville keeps the flashback dream alive… at least for a little while.

“There are flashbacks in the first episode that take us back to the immediate aftermath of the events of the (season 5) finale. Which is one of the reasons that I had to shave my beard, so I could match up with the finale.”

It seems to me that the flashbacks are definitely coming to an end as we’ve literally ran out of pre- season one story.

Sticking with Arrow, an image from Entertainment Weekly has revealed the new Black Canary costume that will see its debut in season 6.

Dinah Drake appears to be finally embracing her superhero secret identity and I must say… It looks great.


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