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Episode 47- Wonder Woman Review


It’s been a long time but Dan, Josh and Danny B have FINALLY assembled to bring you their thoughts on Warner Bros. popular DCEU film Wonder Woman.

We take some listener feedback and provide a spoiler-free discussion on our impressions of the film before we go into great and spoilerific detail.

We also select our favourite moments from the film and talk about how it’s influenced or changed our expectations for Justice League this November.

We also pay tribute to the recently departed legend Adam West, discuss the awesome Black Panther teaser and the possibility of a Magic The Gathering MMORPG in This Week In Geek.

Josh also FINALLY gets to break his silence on his thoughts on the teaser for Star Trek: Discovery.

We conclude with our Graphic Novel of the Week, “Who is Wonder Woman” by Allan Heinberg, Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson.


0:00- Intro

11:54-This Week in Geek / Adam West tribute

38:21- Wonder Woman listener feedback and spoiler free roundtable

49:10- Wonder Woman review (SPOILERS)

1:54:41- Graphic Novel of The Week

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