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Episode 43- Defending The Last Jedi Guardians… From Aliens!

The fandom feeders are back and they’ve got a galaxy of geeky news to cover.

Dan, Josh and Danny B are chatting all about Marvel’s anticipated sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 as well as taking some feedback from our beloved audience who share THEIR views on the film.

Will it reach the galactic heights of its vaunted sequel or will it fall it fall short?

You’ll have to listen to find out!

We also bemoan the death of Neil Blomkamp’s treatment for Alien 5, froth with enthusiasm for the Defenders trailer and FINALLY get around for discussing the teaser trailer for The Last Jedi in This Week in Geek.


  • 0:00- Intro
  • 9:45- This Week In Geek
  • 30:18- Listener Feedback
  • 36:03- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2 round table SPOILER FREE
  • 40:35- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2 review SPOILERS!

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