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Episode 38- Logan Review

The fandom feeders dive back into the X-Men Universe for Hugh Jackman’s last bow as the iconic character of Logan / Wolverine.

We discuss the legacy and impact that he has left on the character and how the film has re-defined what an X-Men film can be.

We also discuss our aptly chosen Graphic Novel of the Week, Barry Windsor Smith’s Weapon X and share some listener feedback on Logan.

But before any of that we’ve got new images from Thor Ragnarok, casting for Star Trek: Discovery and news of a Nightwing film to discuss in This Week In Geek.


0:00- Intro

7:57- This Week In Geek

30:19- Logan- Listener feedback and spoiler-free discussion.

45:24- Logan Review (spoilers).

1:50:34- Graphic Novel of the Week: Weapon X.

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