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Episode 37- X-Men Retrospectifi 


Josh and Danny B are back with Dan and they’ve brought vociferous opinions with them! After talking a little about the death of Hellboy 3 and news on Thor: Ragnarok and Wonder Woman the trio dive into a mammoth retrospective of the X-Men films. We talk about the significance and impact as a franchise as a whole before sharing our individual likes and dislikes about each film. To finish up we nominate our favourite films in the franchise and share some listener feedback.


0:00- Intro

17:47- This Week in Geek

32:25- Franchise overview

41:29- X-Men

1:03:16- X2: X-Men United

1:22:14- X-Men: The Last Stand

1:45:50- X-Men: First Class

2:05:40- X-Men: Days of Future Past

2:21:04- X-Men Apocalypse

2:37:51- Our favourites and listener feedback.

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