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Episode 35- 2016 In Geek

Dan, Josh and Danny B are back to review the geeky highlights and lowlights of 2016’s films and television. We’ll also be sharing our listener’s highs and lows for the year and discussing our most anticipated events of 2017.


0:00- Intro

11:54- This Year in TV

17:14- Daredevil Season 2

24:33- Stranger Things Season 1

36:35- Luke Cage Season 1

46:26- StarTrek

57:22- This Year in Film: Deadpool

1:03:17- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

1:14:20- Captain America: Civil War

1:23:17- Suicide Squad

1:29:13- X-Men: Apocalypse

1:31:00- Doctor Strange

1:34:33- Rogue One / Carrie Fisher Tribute

1:41:09- Josh’s highlights & lowlights

1:42:40- Listener feedback

1:51:12 Dan and Danny B’s highlights and lowlights


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