TV Review- Ash VS The Evil Dead Season Two

Just in time for Halloween Season 2 of the Starz original series, Ash Vs Evil Dead is back, bringing more spooks, thrills and laughter.

Set approximately 30 years after the films, in Season 1 we caught up with where Ash was in life and saw him accidentally unleash the Evil Dead using the Necronomicon once again.

With the help of friends Pablo and Kelly he set out (in true Ash style)on a mission to save the world. The mission was interrupted at points by Ruby Knowby (a mysterious figure who we know little of) who blames Ash for the death of her family and is pretty ruthless in her quest for Ash and the Necronomicon; which she claims she wrote.

ash-vs-evil-dead-deaditeThe finale of Season 1 saw Ash make a pact with Ruby who allowed the three friends to travel on unharmed to his dream location of Jacksonville Florida in return for the book.

Cut to episode 1 of Ash Vs Evil Dead season 2 and we are  straight back into the action. Sadly for Ruby, things haven’t quite gone to plan. Rather than keeping her ‘children’ in check, the Evil Dead have turned against her and she finds that it is now a force that is beyond her ability to control.

She persuades Ash, Pablo and Kelly to return to Ash’s home town of Elk Grove, much against his best wishes. Once at home he is reunited with his father Brock and in the local pub he receives a less than warm welcome with the locals shouting, “Ashy slashy” at him. Once home, however, he and Ruby form a temporary alliance in order to once again attempt to save the world.

Later in the season it is revealed that Brock has some important information for Ash that could have a serious impact on his life…

Brock only attempts to reveal this information when he learns that the stories Ash had been telling were true, leaving audiences wondering what in Heaven, Earth (or Hell!) could have such a significant impact on Ash and the future?

Ash Vs Evil Dead is hard to dislike, at least if you love comedy and horror and / or are a fan of the original films.

aved-finale-2As a tremendous fan of the whole Evil Dead mythology I was both excited and sceptical last year when it was announced that a series was being made. My worries were more-or-less immediately dispelled with the announcement of news of Bruce Campbell’s return to the role that made him a star.

By and large it turns out that the fans of the films have had their faith rewarded.

What else can I say?

There’s a plethora of classic lines, lots of blood and gore, creepy monsters, jump out of your seat scares and laugh out loud moments aplenty. In that sens, the show stays true to the essence of the original films (although the events of Evil Dead: Army of Darkness are not referenced in the series).  Each episode presents the perfect balance of humour and outrageous gore, while also genuinely caring for the characters, especially Pablo and Kelly who have a lot to work through!

Perhaps the only criticism some might have is that the show’s formula can make episodes feel repetitive at times. The plot retreads familiar ground often and the liberal sprinkling of in-jokes that reference the films can make the show feel a tad repetitive and predictable. However, working with the genre and expectations laid down by the film series, I don’t think this is a bad thing. In fact, it’s exactly what fans were wanting and therefore can hardly be considered a criticism… and with a 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes and an IMDB score of 8.7 the weight of popular opinion is with me!

On October 7, 2016, while at the New York Comic Con Starz announced that the series had been renewed for a third season and that’s…


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