Captain Marvel Wish List

We all know this movie is coming.

We even now know that the titular character will, as many fans hoped, be played by Oscar winning actress Brie Larson.

There’s never been a better time to be a Marvel fan. It’s without hyperbole that I say that Captain Marvel is Marvel’s Wonder Woman!

If this awesome character is new to you, however, let me enlighten you…

Captain-Marvel-4This movie will tell a story of a how a pilot with an obsession with fixing old planes will become a shining example of heroism. Carol Danvers an ace pilot imbued with cosmic abilities to rival any of The Avengers (or any superhero in any universe ever).

This movie has been a long time in coming and has the potential to be one of the most successful MCU films ever.

There have been complaints from many fans (myself included) of a lack of female superheroes, especially in the MCU (an issue which I have already approached). To their credit Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have held their collective hands up and said “we are working on it”.

This is their chance.

As for the plot of this film, I can only guess it will fall into similar vein as the much maligned Green Lantern (2011) a movie about a pilot getting cosmic powers, but the similarities end there.

Carol is very much a self-made woman and as a character she couldn’t be further away from Hal Jordan in what she represents. Where Hal represents fearlessness, Carol represents determination. My guess is that the film will heavily feature the alien threat of The Kree (whom we’ve already been sort-of introduced in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy and here and there in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) with whom Carol’s powers originate. It’s possible that the film may spend some time with the Kree Empire (for at least the first half of the film) then possibly lead to a more Earth-based threat.

In terms of Earth locations I’m guessing the setting will probably be a USAF base or at NASA. The main issue (there were many) I had with Green Lantern was it should have either been entirely set on Earth and been played as a superhero film or 85% of the film should have been set in space and played as an intergalactic Training Day.

Marvel have convinced me via GOTG that they know how to balance their cosmic pendulum. With that in mind, here are the top characters that I would like to see in Captain Marvel’s big screen debut…

Supreme Intelligence

2289432-kree_supreme_intelligence_inside_the_mind_of_ff_6I love me some freaky and weird characters like MODOK for example (who very nearly made this list but he was bumped by this character and the next). That said, The Supreme Intelligence is a far more powerful cosmic level threat than MODOK has ever been. The Supreme Ruler of The Kree began life as an experiment in assimilating all of the greatest minds on Hala in an artificial intelligence but it worked just a little to well and was soon running the place.

Obsessed with jump-starting his genetically stunted race, he even went so far as using Negative Energy Bomb on his homeworld to ensure the next stage in their evolution.

Insanely powerful with mental powers of no equal including telepathy and precognition, he’s up there with some of the strongest cosmic powerhouses. I don’t expect to see a full on confrontation between Carol & The Supreme Intelligence but a Thanos-like cameo would be nice.

Monica Rappacini

If that Lou Bega song is anything to go by “I need a little bit of Monica in my life”, luckily there are two on this list, what are the chances?

Rappacini is The Scientist Supreme Of A.I.M. (already established thanks to Iron Man 3). Rappacini is a heinous woman with almost no regard for human life as we know it, even for her own children.

She’s also a vaunted biochemist who became disillusioned with the West and decided to use her extensive knowledge of anti-toxins and antidotes to create the exact opposite and secure a new world order under her iron rule.

She has various innovative gadgets hidden about her person including a forcefield projector and teleportation device to match her impressive intellect. Rappacini is one of the deadliest and most ruthless minds on the planet who can hold her own with MODOK, Hank Pym & Bruce Banner.

A.I.M. has almost always been a thorn in Carol’s side from her very first issue in her previous guise as Ms. Marvel and having Rappacini as female antagonist will only strengthen the film’s much needed call for diversity.

After the events of Iron Man 3 A.I.M could be in disarray until Monica takes the reins. Perhaps, hearing rumours of a failed alien invasion she hopes to acquire Kree tech and reverse engineer it. My only request is that if A.I.M. does come back I want to see a version of their classic hazmat suits.

War Machine

war-machine-set-for-death-in-captain-america-civil-war-726880In a great run on “Iron Man” in the late 90’s Kurt Busiek made Tony Stark effectively Carol’s sponsor while she battled her alcohol problem. This brought the characters closer together (after the first Civil War he appointed her as field leader of The Avengers) however since we’ve not really seen this side to Tony in the MCU for various creative reasons I doubt we’d see this in Captain Marvel.

Unfortunately because of this they seemingly have nothing to connect them apart from Carol once flying an experimental plane for Stark in their shared past.

Recently, however, in the comics Carol started a relationship with Colonel James Rhodes a fellow member of USAF also known as War Machine. It’s a sensible match as they have much in common; they’d both pilots with a love of flying and are both known for completing successful rescue missions.

It’d be great to see this match played out on the big screen. Rhodey wouldn’t have to suit up, just his and Don Cheadle’s charming presence would be enough for me. Even a cameo similar to Falcon’s in Ant-Man (2015) would be very welcome.

I’m huge fan of Rhodey in the MCU, especially since Cheadle took on the role and I can’t honestly get enough of him.  I’ve never heard a cinema going audience go quiet as quickly as when he was shot down in Captain America: Civil War. So I can’t be the only one.

Whatever you do Marvel just don’t bring back that Iron Patriot bullshit.


moonstoneA twisted psychologist who revelled in making her patients kill themselves while she watched, Karla Sofen has very little in common with our hero, though both have very similar powers. Both were empowered by Kree technology and both used the nom de guerre of Ms. Marvel. Karla Sofen is a manipulative, self-serving, opportunistic sociopath who uses her considerable psychological skills to make her little marionettes dance. When that doesn’t work, she has cosmic powers that would give The Hulk reason to pause. Not what you would call a team player, she has nonetheless appeared on almost every iteration of The Thunderbolts and no matter who was in charge it was always really Moonstone running the show.

A truly rich and complex villain who is an utter delight to read whenever she turns up she’s definitely one of the best female villains Marvel has to offer and would give Danvers a real challenge both from a psychological stand point and in terms of superpowers as well.

She could perhaps be introduced as the staff psychologist at the air base establishing a poor relationship with Carol (maybe she uses her clout to have one of her fellow pilots fail their psych evaluation just to spite Carol). After the Kree attack she discovers The Kree Moonstone which gives her comparable abilities to Captain Marvel.

Captain Mar-Vell

Mar-VellNot only the source of her powers but also a heroic inspiration for Carol, Mar-Vell is a Kree soldier sent to earth to investigate the destruction of Kree Sentry #459. He soon found an admiration and respect for humanity that was sorely lacking in his own people and indeed after assisting his adopted world more than once The Kree exiled their former champion.

Heroically saving earth and the universe dozens of times from Thanos, the Kree & the Skrulls he left one heck of a legacy (after succumbing to ca certain) in Carol, his own children and to the whole planet Earth.

In the film I think Mar-Vell should be very much like the comic version, betraying his Kree superiors in their invasion of Earth. I think the explosion that gives Carol her powers I think should also cause the death of Mar-Vell, giving her inspiration to be the hero she needs to be; the hero we all need.

Let’s be honest, there can’t be two of them can there?

Dr. Minn-Erva/Tanalth

Minn-Erva was a Kree scientist who believed herself and Mar-Vell to be the best of Kree stock and that in order to fix their race’s evolutionary issues they should breed.

Obviously Mar-Vell thought she was nuts and didn’t want any part of her crazy. She was also empowered by The Psyche-Magnitron the same source of Carol’s powers even adopting Carol’s original costume along with her similar abilities.

In the film, maybe after Mar-Vell dies she travels to earth seeking revenge on Carol for his death.

Another option would be Tanalth who is The Chief High Pursuer of The Kree; an Amazonian-like warrior who gave The Invaders a fair bit of trouble even slapping around Prince Namor in James Robinson’s most recent run.

One of my favourite MCU villains was Ronan The Accuser and if we can’t get him back Tanalth would be a more than adequate replacement.

Monica Rambeau

monica rambeauThe former Captain Marvel and in fact the first woman to use the name. Monica’s powers are not too dissimilar to Carol’s but the main difference is that she can transform her body into any form of energy from photons to gamma rays.

Not only did she pip Carol to the post when it comes to the Captain Marvel title but she led The Avengers long before Carol did.

There is a friendly rivalry between the too because of this history and Monica is not known for suffering fools gladly after as much a tumultuous career as Carol’s.

In the comics Monica is from New Orleans and used to work as Harbour Patrol but for this film I don’t think it would be much of a stretch for her to be a fellow pilot, with a friendship to rival the relationship between Iron Man & War Machine.

Again I wouldn’t want to see her empowered in this film but maybe she could be in a sequel in order to add another diverse hero to the MCU.

Madame Masque

If Carol Danvers has ever had an arch-nemesis then it was Mystique wHo even went so far as killing Carol’s romantic interest at the time. Obviously this is off the table due to those bloody film rights!! However, Giulietta Nefaria has an almost identical skill set and in one interpretation her mask was able to create full body holographic disguises.

Now, we did see a Whitney Frost (her alias) in Agent Carter but the only thing that links the character is the name and her involvement in organised crime, all similarities stop there (she didn’t even wear a mask).

Known for being Iron Man’s Catwoman effectively, with some severe daddy issues with Count Nefaria over control of the international criminal empire known as The Maggia, I believe she’d make an adequate replacement for her arch-villain, especially if the writers want a more street-level villain instead of an extraterrestrial threat.

They could link them together via Carol’s past in the CIA which could work a little like the Bond film Goldeneye. Perhaps we see an encounter in flashback where Giulietta is left for dead and Carol is responsible for her scarring.

Kree Sentry/Doomsday Man

Who doesn’t like the idea of a giant killer robot in their superheroic fiction (unless it’s a giant spider, of course)?

Kree Sentries were sent to Earth to guard dangerous weapons that the Kree decided to dump here until they found them necessary in their war with their ancient enemy The Skrull.

The Sentries themselves were powerful enough weapons, the first one almost defeated The Fantastic Four without much effort. Imagine Space Sentinels and that’s basically what The Sentries are. One or many I’d be happy to see them but please don’t throw out the Jack Kirby design.

On the other hand you could have one of Carol’s only recurring villains which was originally a seemingly indestructible robot that was re-purposed as a doomsday weapon to be used if East and West went to war… Until AIM operative Kerwin Korman took control of it. In the resulting explosion after battling Captain Marvel (then Ms. Marvel) the robot’s body became his life support system for his failing body.

Swearing revenge on Carol for his condition he will destroy her even if he has to take the whole world with him, finally living up to the name Doomsday Man.

I’m big lover of giant enemies and after seeing Giant-Man in Civil War this only whet my appetite for more so bring them on! I honestly don’t think these stories need much adjusting to work on film either.


11846181_10155932675570331_1289090582_nWhat’s the female equivalent of a bromance? A womance? Whatever it is it’s exactly how I would describe Carol’s relationship with Jessica Drew.

When Carol had her powers, memories and even her very emotions stolen in what Carol herself describes as her weakest moment who was there for her?

Jessica was.

Since then the two have been pretty much inseparable growing closer and closer. After Jessica was replaced by a Skrull and it looked like she had betrayed everyone Carol was the first one to welcome her back with open arms.

Both women are highly trained military operatives with a diverse range of skills, both are  very deternised women who take their roles very seriously however when they get together they seem to bring out each other’s goofy side, much like Beast & Wonder Man.

The witty repartee between these two is nothing short of delightful.

Now that Marvel have the rights to Spider-Man it is finally possible for this character to be brought back into the fold. Besides,  aside from sticking to walls and the names Jessica has no connection to Spidey whatsoever.

In this film I wouldn’t expect her to be super powered but she could be a member of SHIELD working undercover at the air base, or a Hydra double agent or both and maybe Carol is the friend and inspiration she needs to swap sides.

Kamala Khan/Lieutenant Trouble

kamalaKamala is a Captain Marvel uber-fan who, after being exposed to the Terrigen Mists which give The Inhuman’s their abilities, is gifted with shape shifting powers.

She becomes a hero in her own right taking on Carol Danver’s former title Ms. Marvel. Being one of Marvel Comics only Muslim superheroes this would be a hugely progressive win for them to put Kamala on screen.

Another fan-girl worth including is Lieutenant Trouble, who is much younger than Kamala and always finds herself in dangerous situations as she follows Captain Marvel wherever she goes. She could be an Air Force brat who was born and raised on the base but the only pilot she has any connection with is Carol and this awe only increases after Carol gains her powers.

No powers for Kamala in this film would be necessary, just an introduction like many of the other characters on this list.

If you haven’t read about this Jersey girl yet get to it.


Arch-enemy and jealous rival of Mar-Vell who coveted Mar-Vell’s love Una leading him to secretly do away with him any chance he got.

One of those attempts involved what was effectively a wishing machine known as The Psyche-Magnitron which was used to eliminate both Danvers & Mar-Vell but instead the resulting explosion empowered Carol and ended Yon-Rogg’s life.

Years later his consciousness had actually survived and cultivated within Carol’s own mind. With the reality altering abilities of The Psyche-Magnitron at his disposal he wished himself back into being and caused Carol to lose her ability to fly while he used a group of Kree Sentries to crush any other opposition.

The movie is all there.

Ok, maybe not him residing in her mind but everything else I’m up for. Mar-Vell’s death gives a revenge motivation to fight Yon-Rogg. She could even be culpable in the explosion itself making her feel guilty for the death of Mar-Vell.

I honestly think Yon-Rogg is the most likely to be the villain in this new film.

Until next time, true believers…

Honourable Mentions

MODOK, Rogue, Wolverine, Mystique, Nitro, Cru, Noh-Varr, Michael Rossi, Dr. Michael Barnett, Shatterax, Deathbird, Tracey Burke & Helen Cobb