Black Panther Wish-List

So Black Panther was one of your favourite things in CA: Civil War?

Of course he was, he’s amazing!

Culturally he’d also a very important character as he was the first black superhero and has become in his plus 50 year history possibly one of the most compelling characters in all of comics.

bpconceptartPrince T’Challa is for all intents and purposes Marvel’s Batman. That alone makes me even more excited to get pulled into his mythology and see it all up on the big screen which is being brought to us by Creed (2016) Director Ryan Coogler. It will also be a massive popcorn movie with a cast of predominately black actors including such outstanding talent as Michael B. Jordan & Nupita Nyong’o, which is just a huge bucket of win in terms diversity in the cinema. But without further ado let’s get our Panther’s Teeth stuck in with what I want to see in T’Challa’s solo movie…

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