Daredevil Season 3 Wish List

I’ll be going into specific details regarding Season 2 of Marvel & Netflix’s Daredevil so if you haven’t seen it yet don’t say I didn’t warn you. Ok, here it comes…

Spoiler Alert!!!

The Devil has certainly had his due, if the fan reactions are anything to go by. After the rip-roaring success of last years introductory  season of the Man Without Fear’s exploits, we were treated recently (less than a year later) to the much anticipated second season.

Having binged all 13 hours of content in one sitting (Heaven help me) My thoughts turn to the inevitable season 3.

After the crazy vigilante on ninja madness what else could they possibly bring in to up the ante? The answer is everything including The Hell’s Kitchen Sink!!

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I present my case…

Exhibit A: Bullseye!

250px-Bullseye5And, in the immortal words of Jim Bowen, here’s what we could’ve won!  Bullseye is the character every comic book fan worth their salt wants to see; the master assassin who can turn any object into a deadly weapon with unerring accuracy. His bitter and twisted rivalry with horn head is legendary, with Daredevil crippling Bullseye as many times as Bullseye has killed Matt’s girlfriends. The seething hatred between these two is palpable. Fisk’s top assassin is most often Bullseye and with good reason, he’s one of if not the most successful assassins in the MU. As Frank Miller himself once said,

“Sure he’s a psychotic killer… But he’s really good at it.” 

I can’t imagine a more terrible twosome.

Now that the world of Hell’s Kitchen has been well and truly established we can all forget the scenery chewing version Colin Farrell brought to us in 2003 and enjoy a Bullseye befitting of the world the creative team have brought us.

Marvel has redeemed Daredevil & Elektra now it’s for time for Bullseye to hit his target audience.

Exhibit B: Daredevil- Out.

Since the mid-00’s The Marvel Universe at large has known that Matt Murdock is Daredevil, no matter how much he denies or tries to cover it up. The publics reaction is mixed; most people couldn’t care less, some make fun of him and consider it a joke and others like the idea of having a guardian devil looking out for them so they support him wherever they can.  Much like Matt I am a little tired of Foggy hating on the idea of him being Daredevil, GET OVER IT ALREADY!

I really like that Karen now knows so there’s plenty of room to expand on this idea, making for some unique situations and challenges for our lead character especially when it comes to the criminal element. In the comic Matt even goes so far as to hire Jessica Jones & Luke Cage as bodyguards… Who wouldn’t want to see that?

Exhibit C: “Daredevil: Born Again”.

Probably the best DD stories in comic book lore have been when Matt Murdock’s personal and professional lives have been completely obliterated on every level, usually through the machinations of the main villain.

Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, and even Kevin Smith have played their hand at this but Frank Miller’s “Born Again” is the original and best version of this story.

Karen Page (now a disgraced junkie) in desperation sells DD’s secret identity to the Kingpin who then spends the next several months systematically destroying Matt Murdock by having him disbarred, destroying his home, severely injuring some of his friends and alienating the others before finally trying to have him murdered. Beaten, broken physically and psychologically, he ends up living on the street, severely wounded and alone.

With a little aid and his fierce determination he manages to rebuild the tattered pieces of his life, culminating in a climax that includes Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. After seeing Fisk in prison, if my predictions are correct this is where the story is headed in season 3.

I won’t spoil it even though it is over 30 years old, but this is a quintessential Daredevil story that needs to be read immediately!

“I’ll show him a man without fear, is a man without hope..”

Exhibit D: Daredevil as Kingpin.

Finding his mission fruitless and having the feeling of going round in circles DD decides that it’s not enough to just save Hell’s Kitchen, that it’s a neighbourhood so rotten to the core that it needs to be run. he does this by very publicly and soundly beating Fisk to within an inch of his life removing his mask and declaring himself The New Kingpin Of Crime feeling the only way to fight crime effectively is to control it.

Adding this interesting twist could give the series a new and exciting angle to play around with, having his friends and fellow Defenders worry about his motives and sanity by painting a target on his chest for the police, FBI and rival crime families.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Exhibit E: Mr. Fear.

It’s a little known fact that Daredevil has one of the most bizarre rogues galleries out there including characters like Stilt-Man, Leapfrog and The Jester.

Those may not be best suited for the tone of this show, though a nod to them in some form would be appreciated (like the subtle nods to Melvyn Potter’s alter ego The Gladiator that we’ve seen across both seasons).

I think Mr. Fear might just work in this universe.

mister_fearThough many people have worn the guise I believe rival lawyer Larry Cranston’s version to be the best. He is basically Daredevil’s Scarecrow (though at the time of Mr. Fear’s creation Dr Jonathan Crane’s appearances had been few and far between). Cranston uses serums and gasses on others in order to manipulate them into doing exactly what he wants; I’d like see him to use them on Melvin Potter (who is governed by his fear for Betsy) forcing him to finally armour up as Gladiator against Daredevil. Mr Fear is truly a man without fear having experimented on himself, altering his brain chemistry which makes him a truly terrifying and deadly foe. At the climax of one story he drove Murdock’s wife mad with fear to the extent that she kills a man and is institutionalised for the crime. Matt hunts the villain down to find a cure only for Fear to tell him that there is no cure…a truly haunting ending to the story. Though this story might be better served in Season 4.

If you feel like filing an objection, please let us know if there’s anything I’ve missed that you would like see in the next season, but for now Sayonara Scarlet Swashbucklers!

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  1. Cool! I vote for – Exhibit C: “Daredevil: Born Again” – or at least I think they will start the process leading to that, while developing the ninja madness saga.

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