The Truth is Still out There!

I believe, once it was a case of I want to believe, for years as a teenager this was almost a mantra, but now due to The X-files, I feel perhaps I’m nearly at the end of a journey, I do believe. At least in the world of X-Files lore, that is.

The X-Files has returned to the small screen for the first time in 15 years and in the UK we are now near the end of Season 10. When episode one aired, it was much to the delight of fans across the UK, near sick with anticipation, much like myself I must confess. There are those of us who grew up on Mulder and Scully’s adventures and others who were already at the age when it was appropriate to be watching it (oops) and for the most part episode one, ‘My Struggle’ felt like a nostalgia trip whilst posing more questions.

I shall try to keep this as spoiler free as possible, without giving plot descriptions or too much away! Whilst this is only a miniseries, Season 10 has already managed to include much of what made the show so well loved. It follows on perfectly from Season 9 and the movies, with a reprisal of characters and the chemistry between Duchovny and Anderson has never been stronger.

It feels like a meeting with an old, close friend you haven’t seen in years, somehow the time passed doesn’t seem to matter and you’re straight back into the thick of it as if no time had passed at all. Perhaps the most endearing part of it is that the original cast, not just David Duchovny as Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully, but Mitch Pileggi and William B. Davis, as AD Skinner and the cigarette smoking man respectively, are back.   Yes the picture quality is far superior compared to the early seasons and it feels more modern, yet the filters on the screen, the angles, music, the text, title sequence, in fact the whole package is classic X-Files through and through.

Chris Carter, the show’s creator, has done something special with Season 10, in making something that is for old fans and also the new. The first episode, ‘My Struggle’ opens with a quick recap as narrated by Mulder for those who have never watched the show before and ensures they can follow the story line. My struggle picks off where we left off with the continuation of Mulder’s search for the truth after The X-Files is closed; it is an episode that is both poignant and beautiful. Whilst we may not all believe in government/alien conspiracies, I can’t help but feel the show writers are on to something, especially with Trump running for President.

Even during the obligatory comedy episode,’ Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster’, (which was flawless and everything I hoped it would be, I was unable to stop laughing) there were questions raised regarding existential existence and the meaning of life. My personal favourite part was the following brilliant line – though bear with me I’m paraphrasing, “I was applying for a loan so I could get a mortgage, I don’t even know what a mortgage is.” Ahh -how we laughed, even if you’re not an X-Files fan, this episode has a multitude of relevant, ‘it’s so true’ moments.

For me personally I’m hoping we’ll find out a little more about Mulder and Scully’s child, William, and how the Cigarette smoking man survived. But with two episodes to go (as I write this) I’m sure much will be revealed and by the end I have no doubt that we’ll have more questions.

What does the future hold for The X-Files? In various interviews cast and crew have spoken about the possibility of future episodes and speaking to TV Guide, show creator Carter reaffirmed plans for the future, dependant on reactions to season 10. So it’s fingers crossed from here on that Mulder and Scully will be back on our screens for at least another season to help others, like myself, to believe.

The final episode of the season 10 airs on 14th March at 10pm on Channel 5.

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