Man Of Steel 2 Rumour Mill Keeps On Turnin’

It’s a good time to be a Superman fan.

Or it’s not. Depends who you’re listening to, really!

The other day, Man Of Steel director and DCEU overseer Zack Snyder put paid to the rumours that George Miller would be directing a standalone Superman sequel with these words from out of his mouth:

“George doing one of the DC movies? Oh my God, absolutely. George can do anything he wants, in my opinion. We haven’t talked about it, and to be frank I just didn’t know what he was thinking of doing next. But yeah, if I was to think he had any interest in them of course I’m happy to talk to him.”

While I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Sydney to try to coerce Mr Miller to give Snyder that call by any means possible (I’ve packed everything from concussion grenades to amyl nitrate), more rumours surrounding big blue’s proposed solo outing have emerged.

Of course I need to preface the following with the disclaimer that these rumours are rumours and should be treated as such (unless you’re American in which case they’re rumors which are treated the same as rumours but without the French anachronism).

Screenshot (64)

The charmingly imaginative Umberto Gonzalez over at Heroic Hollywood has reported that the Man of Steel sequel will at long last pit Kal El against the Coluan mega-mind Brainiac who is searching for Krypton’s missing Codex (last seen being embedded into baby Kal El’s cells while audiences were forced to look at his super-baby-dingus).

Apparently this search will lead him to chase down, not the Man of Steel but another Kryptonian refugee altogether, Supergirl herself, Kara Zor-El.

Hmmm, time for me to flash this amazing fan-manip of Chloe Grace Moretz as Supergirl again…

LOOK AT IT! Wouldn’t you love to see Supergirl given the MoS treatment in terms of design? And it’s Chloe Moretz!! When is she ever not excellent? Even when she’s doing turgid shit like that English language remake of Let The Right One In

Gonzalez reports that the film will deal as much with Kara as with Superman himself, which if true would be more than ok with me. I’m really developing a fondness for the character, after reading some of her New 52 exploits and falling a little bit in love with what I’ve seen of Melissa Benoist in her small screen interpretation of the role.

He then posits that Brainiac uses bits and pieces of information on Kryptonian genetics to build himself his very own super clone in the form of…

Yes, you guessed it! Bizarro.

My honest response?

I’m sure Mr Gonzalez is a fine journalist and a really nice guy but I’m not holding much stock in this.
Snyder has as much as said that he wants to avoid the subject of alien invasions now and as for Bizarro?!?

Bizarro is one of those characters that never quite lives up to the promise of his premise. Think of it, a terrifying, hideous Superman clone, equal parts horrific and tragic, like a flying, fire breathing Frankenstein’s monster? I’ve read a LOT of Bizarro stories and few ever get the balance right. He’s either played for laughs or treated as a loveable dolt.

That said, there are some elements that I sincerely hope are true, namely the presence of Supergirl. And after seeing some of Tim Burton’s wonderful character design for the character in the aborted Superman Lives I’m positively itching to see Brainiac on screen.

But searching for the codex? Been there, done that!

Time will tell, I guess.

If you have any theories you’d like to counter this with, you know where to find me. I do love it when you talk nerdy to me!

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