Jessica Jones Teaser Online

Today, Marvel and Netflix dropped a 54 second “teaser” sequence for their upcoming series Jessica Jones.

While it’s being touted as a teaser, I think it’s fairly safe to assume that this will be (at least a version of) the show’s title sequence.  Like its wonderful predecessor Daredevil it mixes some artful and stylish visuals with the iconography of the character.

I love the Daredevil credits sequence so I’m delighted to see its influence here as well as a healthy dose of True Detective influence thrown in for good measure.

The sequence makes use of some fractured and jagged imagery which hints neatly at Jessica’s identity crisis.

The colour palette is not only sumptuous but potentially telling.  Note the clash of the orange and pink flourishes with the persistent seepage of purple.  Fitting, since we know that the show’s primary antagonist will be Dr Zebediah Killgrave, who will no doubt be played to perfection by the one and only David Tennant.  There’s a little bit of yellow in there as well, the colour traditionally associated with hero-for-hire and Jessica’s long time beau, Luke Cage.

With Cage and Iron fist also due their own Netflix series’ and another season of Daredevil currently shooting, culminating in a Defenders mini series, I could not be more excited for the development of this dirty little patch of the MCU.

Jessica Jones may not be the Marvel series that we were all looking forward to the most but I’ll be damned if it isn’t looking mighty interesting!

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