Viral marketing gone out of hand?

A cynical hype generating ploy?

A heartfelt token of a shared and treasured memory?

All of the above?

Whatever the reason, it appears that the principal cast of David Ayer’s upcoming DC film, Suicide Squad are giving each other commemorative tattoos.

Earlier today, actor Joel Kinnaman posted this image on his Instagram account of what appeared to be Big Willie himself tatting him up with a tattoo on his bicep that said simply, “SKWAD”.

Only a few minutes ago, Ayer himself tweeted images of actress Margot Robbie in full Harley Quinn  regalia inking up cast mate Jai Courtney with a similar “SKWAD” tattoo.

There have been numerous reports of the cast’s famous camaraderie on set, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if these images were the genuine article.

For my money, it’s a sweet notion and one that bodes well for the cast’s on-screen chemistry.

In the words of The Man of Steel…

What do you think?

Suicide Squad will be released next August.

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