Man of Steel Sequel On Permanent Hold?

I put on my billowy red cape and did a victory dance around the building when I heard the rumours that veteran Mad Max director George Miller was in talks to direct a standalone Superman film that would serve as a true sequel to Man of Steel (which, apparently Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t, now).

The source was credible enough, it came from the mouth of film-maker Jon Schnepp, who recently delighted Superman fans with his superlative documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? which detailed the making of the aborted Tim Burton Superman project and can be downloaded here.

On this episode of Popcorn Talk he said,

“George Miller is doing Man Of Steel 2 …  I don’t feel weird about breaking it.”

Now, according to Den Of Geek my impromptu dance solo may have been in vain as they report that their source at Warner Bros has dismissed a Superman sequel as “on permanent hold”.

They state that while Miller is in talks to direct one of DC’s upcoming roster of films, the Geeks had this to say from their den…

While this doesn’t rule out the possibility of Miller taking on Man of Steel 2, another source has said that, as far as they understand it, the sequel is on “permanent hold.”

Now, at this stage, it’s not clear what this means exactly. Have plans for a solo Superman film been abandoned, or is it just in a holding pattern while writers flesh out their story ideas?

Miller is an extraordinarily talented film maker and his runaway success with Mad Max : Fury Road he’s the pretty girl at the party and Warner Bros. probably want to show the world who’s arm he’s on.

It makes sense that they would give him a shot at one of their vaunted Justice League titles and I think that his kinetic style would lend itself very well to a Superman film, just as the marketing pull that his name generates would revitalise interest in Superman’s solo franchise after the mixed reception of Man of Steel.

Of course this is all within the realms of rumour and should be treated as such.

Nonetheless, I’ll be very disappointed if Miller isn’t in talks to direct the next Superman film and I’ll be borderline inconsolable if the idea of a standalone series of Superman films has been abandoned altogether.

While I remain extremely excited for Batman V Superman and all of Warner’s slate of DC films, I hope that the studio hasn’t put the kibosh on the cinematic adventures of the world’s first superhero in favour wringing more dollars out of their most profitable superhero.

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