Chris Pine IS Steve Trevor but Channing Tatum ISN’T Gambit?!?

It’s a casting, Jim, but not as we know it!

A few months back the Internet was abound with rumours that Warner Bros and director Patty Jenkins were courting Star Trek actor Chris Pine to play Wonder Woman’s paramour Steve Trevor in the character’s 2017 solo film.
Then SDCC happened and whispers emerged of concept art being screened featuring Mr Pine’s uber-handsome visage as Hal Jordan in the 2020 Green Lantern Corps.
Now it appears that The Wrap rumours have been put to bed and Pine is indeed secured for love-interest duties on Wonder Woman opposite Israeli bombshell Gal Gadot.

While I would have been delighted to see an actor of Pine’s capability, wit and charisma in Hal Jordan’s battered leather jacket I kind of like the casting of Steve Trevor even more.
Pine is, for all his pretty boy features, a rugged and physically capable actor who could give the ageless Amazon Princess a run for her money in verbal jousting or in single combat (hey, that’s the Amazon way, after all). It always irks me when people assume that female empowerment must come at the expense of emasculating their male counterparts and it appears that Smith and Warner Bros are boxing clever by casting an actor with Pine’s charm, masculinity, good looks and geek credentials.

Speaking of men who look better than me with their shirts off, The Wrap also reported earlier today that rising star and all-round-sweetheart Channing Tatum has exited 20th Century Fox’s upcoming X-Men spinoff Gambit.
No reasons have been provided for the Magic Mike star’s rumoured departure but if true the project (which recently secured the talents of Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt) will surely now be sent spiralling into uncertainty.

For my money I was never all that keen on the idea of this project to begin with. Gambit is basically the Fonz of the X-Universe. He works best in small doses, and loses his mystique the better acquainted with him we become.
As for Tatum, I’ve really warmed to him in recent years. He’s shown real versatility, a gift for comedy and seems to be a genuinely lovely human being off screen.

We at Nerdifi would like to see a better superhero vehicle for Tatum, if this project really has fallen through, then he deserves better than his incredibly brief (albeit excellent) stint voicing Supes in The Lego Movie.


At the time of writing, said article appears unavailable from The Wrap’s website. Perhaps it has been pulled but as always we should wait for an official announcement before we jump to any conclusions about whether Tatum has or has not left the project.

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